Proactive IT Risk Management in an Era of Emerging Technologies

Diversification helps reduce the impact of a single trade or currency pair on the overall portfolio. By diversifying, traders can mitigate their exposure to any one currency or market, reducing the risk of significant losses. Every client wants to make money, and that’s why traders initially come to brokers. This, however, begs the question of the proper handling of performing clients, so that sudden, unexpected market movements do not put the company out of business altogether. In this case, the approach to risk management in brokerage firms  (A-book, B-book, hybrid), as well as the correct assessment of the client behavior, comes to the fore. By implementing a risk management strategy, you can protect your capital and increase the chances of long-term profitability.

Exness also provides features to help you apply position sizing and diversification effectively. Position sizing is about determining how much you’re willing to risk on each trade. When you set a ‘Stop Loss’ order, you’re telling the platform to sell your assets when the price dips to a certain level to limit your loss. For self-employed mortgage brokers who work on a contract basis with other firms to close mortgages, remember to go over the rules for commission-based earnings. Not being aware of compensation requirements could lead you to face certain risks, including losing your license.

Whether it’s identity theft or a ransomware incident, they’ve been personally impacted by cyber risk,” Thielen said. In the near future, the insurance industry might just see the abbreviation “P&C” become “PC&C” — property, casualty and cyber. Upon extensive review and a look at the Biometric Information Policy Act, the court determined that every time biometric data is collected and transmitted accounts as a claim. On the cyber end, Noel says he sees organizations using tools like multi-factor authentication to help protect against cyber attacks.

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  • Any asset that is offered to clients must be backed by at least two liquidity providers.
  • It also gives them a systematic way to compare various trades and select only the most profitable ones.
  • By practicing proper position sizing, traders can minimize the impact of potential losses on their overall account balance.
  • It is important to note that between 74-89% of retail investors lose money when trading CFDs.

Check out this guide on how to open an Exness demo account and explore its features. This platform mirrors real market conditions but uses virtual funds. It’s your training ground, your sandbox to experiment and test new strategies without any real-world financial implications. The fixed margin feature allows for a stable, predictable trading environment.


These tools can range from sensors that help detect potential claims from things like water intrusion, cybersecurity controls and AI and predictive analytics systems. Seidenberg’s comments echo those voiced in a recent study of large business commercial insurance customers conducted by J.D. The study found that most risk managers want to have a strategic relationship with their brokers, not merely purchase insurance coverage through them.

On the one hand, the responsibility for security falls on people with a vested interest in it being maintained. On the other hand, cloud-style firms specialise in one line of work, third party hosting, to dedicate their time and effort to do the best job possible. Even the Tier-1 regulators will differ slightly in how they approach a particular issue. The most effective approach which allows you to sleep at night and instead focus on your trading and investments is to ensure your broker is Tier-1 regulated. If your broker is a global operation that supports clients worldwide, the decision on which regulatory body you will fall under will depend on where you live. AvaTrade, for example, is licensed as a regulated broker in the EU, Japan, Australia, South Africa, UAE and the British Virgin Islands.


To manage these emotions, it is crucial to have a well-defined trading plan and stick to it. This plan should include clear entry and exit points based on thorough analysis rather than emotional impulses. By following predetermined rules, you reduce the impact of fear and greed on your decision-making process. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Another useful tool is a risk calculator or position sizing calculator. This tool helps traders determine how much capital they should allocate per trade based on their risk tolerance and account size. By calculating position sizes accurately, traders can ensure they are not risking too much on any single trade.


These incur a charge, but remove the risk of price ‘gapping’ and making your stop loss redundant. These are automated instructions to close out a position if price goes against you. You set the cut-off price and can add or adjust stop-losses at any time. You’ll also be able to check that if a particular platform fits in with your other day to day activity.

Another is that some Tier-2 and Tier-3 regulators take a benign view of certain areas of trading. While checking the disclaimer notice, you may also want to consider a vital statistic that all regulated brokers must share. The success rate of each broker will depend on a variety of factors, and many of them will be related to the actions of the clients. Nevertheless, an example of these types of disclaimers can be found below. It is taken from IG and is in line with the market standard presentation of risk information provided by good brokers.

The situation where a contemporary brokerage holds only one liquidity provider for an asset class is unacceptable. Any asset that is offered to clients must be backed by at least two liquidity providers. First, there were data breaches, then ransomware and business email compromise became commonplace. Now, in addition to those continued threats, companies are contending with data privacy regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or the California Consumer Privacy Act.

A stop-loss point is the price at which a trader will sell a stock and take a loss on the trade. This often happens when a trade does not pan out the way a trader hoped. The points are designed to prevent the “it will come back” mentality and limit losses before they escalate. For example, if a stock breaks below a key support level, traders often sell as soon as possible. The small-to-midsize business probably doesn’t deploy all the technologies that would be beneficial and effective, and there’s probably no clear path for them to reach this state without hands-on guidance.

Hybrid Forex brokers have the ability to decide where to send profitable trades, to liquidity providers or to internal execution. The flow of profitable trades, which is usually sent to liquidity providers, is commonly referred to as toxic. There are several important drawbacks that make it very difficult to find a pure FX B-book broker in the broker risk management market right now. Because of the conflict of interest, customer confidence in such brokerage businesses is greatly diminished. Moreover, note that an MM broker’s license in a well-known, non-offshore jurisdiction will require a hefty sum as a security deposit. Also, a regulator will require detailed reports, which will entail additional costs.